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I have a nasty flap of skin hanging off of my labret peircing..on the… - ((pot)) n ((punk rock)) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Mar. 1st, 2005|09:53 am]
((pot)) n ((punk rock))


I have a nasty flap of skin hanging off of my labret peircing..on the inside near the hole. It doesnt hurt, but its gross. I touch it with my tongue and wanna yak its so gross. I wonder if its a problem, or if it'll just fall off.
It was peirced with a flatback and it started to tunnel its way forward, so after a week I had to change it to a fishtail, with ripped my lip, than I changed it to a ring and its been ok til now. I tried to put it back to a flatback, but it wouldnt go in. I think the hole is curved now.

I called my doc and he said to take it out, but he tells me to take out all my peircings. The peircing place tells me to rinse with salt water, which I do daily anyways.

[User Picture]From: doreah
2005-03-01 06:35 pm (UTC)
my labret burrowed a little bit but after a while it all toughened up nicely. never removed the flatback and i *never* rinsed with salt water either. i used the mouthwash they sell at the studio.

and think about it. the hole is like 2 millimeters in length, if that. it's not curved, and even if it is, it hasn't had time to heal up that way. if anything, you might have an infection which is why it's hard to get it through. but depending how long ago you had it, the reason it's hard to get through is becauuse it's a fresh piercing. it takes some practice to learn how to change a labret (not much practice but some). I had a few issues myself. Sometimes it would hurt and seem like i was poking myself a new hole, but i wasn't. i wouldn't have changed it from the flatback they gave me. It was somewhat raw on the inside for a while as it made a big indentation but then it toughens up and everything goes back to normal. you should have given it some time....but that's my opinion. i'm not piercing expert at all.

or maybe your body just doesn't want a labret. i would say actually go to the studio or your doctor and have them look at it. i had to take mine out for health reasons too, very much against my will. (mostly because it destroyed my gums horribly and the dentist told me i could keep it in if i really wanted, it doesn't bother him, but i would have to be prepared for serious tooth/gum surgery in a year or so).
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-11-09 01:38 am (UTC)
always use a disposable paper towel. Cloth towels, especially those that have been already used, can harbor germs and bacteria - punk rock cds (http://punkermentality.com/)
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